Stop automatic updating on vista

22-Nov-2017 00:46

Its a very common problem in Windows Vista and later OS which almost all Windows users are facing.

Actually it happens because of "Automatic Folder Type Discovery" feature which was introduced in Windows Vista but instead of making something good, this feature has made the life of Windows users worst as Windows doesn't remember your customized view types for folders and automatically resets the view type based on folder content.

Services, and disable the Automatic Updates service.

I would also run chkdisk from a recovery console (use the Vista dvd if you have one), or boot in to Safe Mode and run chkdisk from the command prompt. This is not Windows Update, I agree that Windows Update is obnoxious, but its NOT disrespectful : P Boot from Hiren's boot disc, or a Pre-Installed Environment disc and run Mc Afee Stinger on the system.

C) Under Update service, check the Use Microsoft Update check box.

A) Dot either Download updates but let me choose whether to install them, or Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.

stop automatic updating on vista-2

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ubuntu, ubcd4win), by connecting the hard drive to another computer or by installing a new OS in another hard drive.I’ll try to figure out if there is a way to turn off auto updates in the Home version.