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The birds listed here are breeds of the domestic pigeon (Columba livia domestica).Other Columbidae species (e.g., the domesticated Barbary dove, Streptopelia risoria) have been developed into breeds, but these are generally simple color variations. Bahut khushi hui mujhe ke meri story itni pasand ki aap logo ne.mujhe yakeen nahi hota ke main bhi itni achi story likh sakti hoon. Main apne sabi story readers ko ye batana chahti hoon ke mujhe chatting bahut shok hai.Aapne pichli story mein padha k kaise mere mama ke ladke ne meri jawani ka ras pia aur mujhe jannat ka majaa dilaya.IJERA MENU CALL FOR PAPER PAPER SUBMISSION WHY CHOOSE IJERA AUTHOR INSTRUCTIONS STATISTICS UNIVERSITY AFFILIATES CHECK PAPER STATUS FAQ IJERA CONTENTS CURRENT ISSUE IJERA ARCHIVE SPECIAL ISSUE CALL FOR CONFERENCE UPCOMING CONFERENCE SPECIAL ISSUE ARCHIVE DOWNLOADS MODEL PAPER COPY RIGHT FORM COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT JOURNAL ETHICS OPEN ACCESS OPEN ACCESS Abstract: Web applications are widely adopted and their correct functioning is mission critical for many businesses. Online banking, emails, eshopping, has become an integral part of today's life.

The gesture, termed as “off the record” by Sampla, did not came as a surprise for scribes, though.

Homeopathic medicines, which are natural and safe, work on the root cause of sciatica for complete, effective healing and cure.

In fact, a Homeopathic consultation, if taken in time, could prevent surgical intervention in cases of sciatica.

Some well recognized Homeopathic medicines for sciatica are Colocynthis, Magnesia Phosphorica, Gnaphalium Polycephalum, Arnica, Rhus Tox and Cotyledon.

Homeopathic medicine Colocynthis is known to greatly benefit left-sided sciatica. Pigeons and doves are members of the bird family Columbidae.